It hasn’t been long since we heard that HP is developing some new Android tablets. These probably won’t be a high-end affair. The company is expected to offer mid-range specifications in these tablets in order to price them competitively against rivals and cater specifically to this particular market. A leaked picture of one such tablet has appeared online which hints at the design language that HP might use across this new lineup.

The trend now seems to be leaning towards slim bezels and larger screens. Most companies are now radically slimming down the bezels on their smartphones and tablets. Even Apple opted for a slim bezel when it introduced new versions of the iPad and iPad mini. HP appears to be taking the exact opposite route.

The HP tablet seen in this leaked photo clearly has large bezels which aren’t exactly common these days. Apart from the company’s branding on the front and back the tablet appears to have a front and back facing camera, volume and function button to the right and a speaker at the bottom of the tablet.

One might argue that this is against market trend but then again users will have a much larger space to hold the tablet. Larger bezels also prevent accidental palm touches on the display which can trigger any action. Yes it may be against trends but it might not be entirely useless as one might think.

There’s no word as yet on the specifications of these new HP tablets. Information about pricing and availability isn’t public as yet so we’ll have to wait for official word on that.

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