htc_logoIt is a well known fact that HTC’s quarterly results have been far from encouraging in the previous year, but there is always hope at the end of a dark tunnel, where it does seem as though the Taiwan-based company is about to emerge from one of their most difficult moments to date. In fact, HTC’s latest quarterly report forecast could see a doubling in its revenue, as well as making a return to profit at long last in the existing quarter that will end this coming June.

Although it is said that revenue for the second quarter is tipped to drop by a bit year-on-year, from 70.7 billion New Taiwan dollars, to somewhere in between NT$65 billion (roughly converted to $2.16 billion), and NT$70 billion. This would translate to a significant improvement compared to Q1, although one should not have too high hopes for its gross margins since there were new products such as the flagship HTC One (M8) launched.

I guess this means the turnaround strategy applied by HTC could be reaping dividends at last, where their latest range of affordable entry level and mid-range handsets have rolled out without much issue, not to mention the HTC One (M8) skipping the potential banana skin of supply issues unlike its predecessor. Could they be out of the woods for good? Only time will tell.

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