While Oculus Rift has certainly made waves for itself in recent times, the world of virtual reality (VR) has yet to really enter mainstream consciousness. It is one thing to have a headset that tracks just where you are looking, but when you step into a virtual world, that is an entirely different universe altogether. In fact, a range of omnidirectional treadmills have already appeared in the past couple of years, and the Infinadeck is yet another one that might just help make your VR experience all the more memorable and enjoyable.

The Infinadeck intends to stand out from all of the other treadmills that are in the market by not coming with any kind of special gear or shoes. In fact, it is as simple as hopping on top of it, and start walking around regardless of the VR world that you are in. Not only that, this would also translate to having your mates jump aboard and giving it a go, too. Since it boasts of a larger surface than its competition, one is able to take longer and more natural strides.

It remains to be seen just when will the Infinadeck go on sale in the near future, but just yet, but its inventors have already claimed that it will be “the world’s first affordable” VR treadmill. “Affordable” here is rather relative, though, but one can always hope, right?

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