chitika ios androidWhen it comes to the basic functions on our smartphones, well they all pretty much are able to do the same things. This means that we can make calls, send text messages, send emails, and browse the web, for example. However interestingly enough, mobile ad network Chitika has found that when it comes to web surfing, iOS users apparently surf more compared to Android users.

Based on their numbers last month from North American markets, they have found that iOS users account for 53.1% of mobile web traffic, at least as far as their ad network is concerned. 44.5% of the traffic came from Android, while Windows Phone and BlackBerry users accounted for less than 2%. This isn’t to say that Windows Phone or BlackBerry users don’t surf the web, it’s just that their presence is too small to be noticed.

It’s actually pretty interesting because one of the benefits of Android phones is that they tend to come in larger displays than the iPhone, thus making it better for surfing due to the larger screen. However it could be that the traffic accounting for web surfing from iOS could also be from iOS tablets like the iPad Air or the iPad mini, both of whom sport large displays ideal for surfing on the go.

Chitika does not mention why iOS has managed to beat out Android, despite Android having a larger install base, but what do you guys think? Do you agree with the findings that iOS users are bigger web surfers than Android users?

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