iPhone 6 Mockup Compared To iPod Touch

iphone 6 ipod touchAnother day, another iPhone leak, or at least that’s how the story seems to go these days. That being said, the rumors have suggested that the iPhone 6 could feature a very thin profile, and thanks to the folks at Macitynet.it, they have recently published photos which compares the iPhone 6 next to that of the latest iPod touch.

We should note that the iPhone 6 pictured in the photo above is only a mockup. This mockup is allegedly based on “leaked” schematics, which we have no way of verifying if it could be the real deal. Based on the photos, it seems that the iPhone 6 will indeed be just as thin as the iPod touch, at least from what we can tell from the angle.

Macitynet.it also mentions that the entire iPod touch fits just nicely onto the display of the iPhone 6, which at the moment is currently speculated to be 4.7-inches in size. The photos also do a pretty good job at showing just how much bigger the iPhone 6 could be. Interestingly enough the mockup also shows a mock iOS that suggests that Apple could be sticking to 5 rows of icons.

It was speculated earlier that due to its size, it would be possible for Apple to insert an additional row of icons, which would be pretty convenient for people with a lot of apps and who don’t want to have to swipe through multiple home screens.

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