no-keysComing home and unlocking your door to let yourself in is something we’re all familiar with. However there are times when your hands might be full, whether it be with bags of groceries, books, or carrying a child, and trying to reach into your pockets to grab your keys and fumble with the lock can be a bit tricky. This is where Kwikset’s Kevo comes in.

Kevo, on the surface, looks like any other lock for your door. The only difference is that it can be activated and unlocked via Bluetooth, meaning that even if your hands are full, you will be able to unlock the door anyway. However this is done is that when you tap your door, Kevo will then trying to look for an authorized device, such as your phone. When it detects once, the door will unlock.

A plus side is that Kevo is a deadbolt lock that can be mounted to most doors, so it’s not like you will need a special door in order to install it. Users will also be able to send their keys to other users, like friends or family who are coming in from out of town and need to be let in while you’re away or at work. Whenever these users enter your home, you will be sent a notification as well.

For those who might be concerned about privacy and security, you can rest assured knowing that Kwikset has used multiple layers of encryption for Kevo in order to keep unauthorized users out. There is also positioning technology that will prevent users from unlocking the door while you’re inside the house, so you won’t be getting any nasty surprises.

At the end of the day, the Kevo is also a regular lock which can be unlocked using a standard key, so even if the batteries powering the device dies, you can still let yourself in. The Kevo is a bit pricey at $219 so if you’d like to get your hands on it, hit up Amazon’s website for the details.

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