lg 6inch qhdA couple of days ago, LG unveiled the LG G3 smartphone. This is the latest smartphone from LG and beat Samsung’s rumored Galaxy S5 Prime to the punch as offering up a smartphone with a QHD display. There are other players in the market, we should point out, although LG is probably the more well-known amongst that small, somewhat elitist circle.

That being said, it seems that cramming a QHD resolution into a 5.5-inch display isn’t enough, because it seems that LG has bigger fish to fry. According to the head of LG Display, who had recently sat down for an interview, it seems that LG could be aiming for 600-700 PPI displays next. As it stands the LG G3 packs an impressive pixel density of 538 PPI, but LG believes they have the know-how to take it to the next level.

Now if 5.5-inches isn’t enough for you, LG has announced that they will be showcasing a 6-inch display with QHD resolution at SID 2014 in San Francisco. Admittedly this will lower the pixel density to 491 PPI, but we reckon it will still be sharp enough where users might not be able to tell the difference in pixel density. It is unclear as to what LG will be using the 6-inch display panel for, whether it be to create another device or to supply to another OEM, but at least it will be out there.

In fact Vivo, probably the first company to the market with a QHD display, is using the same panel in its Xplay 3S that LG will be demonstrating at SID 2014, so if you’ve seen the Xplay 3S and loved its display, perhaps LG could have an answer for you in their own-branded smartphone in the future.

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