lg-uni8Has it been that long already that LG has been missing in action from the world of Windows Phone? Apparently, four years have already passed, where back then, the LG Optimus 7 and the LG Quantum were released over on AT&T in 2010. In between then and now, it has been an eerie and deafening silence where Windows Phone is concerned, but I suppose that could be because the company has been hard at work on other handsets that groove to the Android beat. Not so with the alleged LG Uni8 that you see on the right that will run on Windows Phone 8, according to @evleaks.

The upcoming LG Uni8 does seem to feature a nice modern design with minimal bezels, alongside what could very well be on-screen navigation buttons. Apart from the leaked image that you see here, there is nothing else that has been leaked, so it remains to be seen just what else the LG Uni8 will be able to pack in, whether it is pricing, hardware specifications or the final release date. Hopefully more will be revealed in due time, and it is rather strange to see LG jump aboard the Windows Phone bandwagon yet again after a particularly long hiatus.

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