Harmony-350-controlIf you have multiple devices in your living room, like a set top box, a DVD/Blu-ray player, a hifi system, an amplifier, and etc., you probably have a ton of remote controls that you have to deal with. We can only imagine that alternating between remotes can be a bit troublesome, and this is where a universal remote control comes in handy.

Logitech has recently announced the Harmony 350 Control, a universal remote control device that according to Logitech, will be able to combine up to 8 remote controls at once. The company also claims that the Harmony 350 Control will play nicely with more than 225,000 devices, allowing users to turn on their TVs, cable boxes, and will also feature programmable buttons and whatnot.

Logitech also claims that setting up the remote control is pretty easy. All you’d have to do is plug it into your computer that’s conncted to the internet, enter the model numbers of the devices you want to control, and you’re good to go!

This isn’t the first Harmony remote control that Logitech has launched, but if you were looking for the latest universal remote control, then perhaps this could what the doctor ordered. Logitech has priced that Harmony 350 Control at a somewhat affordable $49.99, so if you’d like to learn more about the device or pre-order it, head on over to Logitech’s website for the details.

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