mac pro shippingThe new Mac Pro unveiled by Apple last year not only looks impressive, but based on reviews, performs impressively as well. However if there is one downside to the computer is that it is pretty hard to get a hold of it. It seems that Apple might have underestimated demand for the computers because ever since the computer was launched, Mac Pro customers have been experiencing a fair amount of delays.

We’ve seen how the delays have pushed estimated shipping times from weeks to months, although thankfully it seems that Apple has finally gotten a handle on things. Back in April we reported that the shipping times of the Mac Pros had improved to 3-5 weeks which is still admittedly pretty long, but a good sign nonetheless.

Now the good news for would-be Mac Pro owners is that Apple has further improved those shipping times and it is now 3-4 weeks, according to the Apple Online Store. This shipping time appears to apply to both the standard configuration models as well as customized models, so if the basic configuration isn’t for you, rest easy in knowing that you can customize it without any delays.

We can only hope that with time, Apple will further improve those shipping estimates where customers won’t have to wait a month before they are able to get their hands on their purchases. If you’d like to learn more or place an order of your own, head on over to Apple’s Online Store for the details.

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