mario kart 8 mercedesThe Mario Kart franchise is usually seen as a pretty fun, light-hearted, and whimsical kind of game. This is compared to other racing games which seems more “serious”. Well in an interesting move by Nintendo Japan, they have announced that Japan gamers of Mario Kart 8 can look forward to a free DLC car in the form of a Mercedes GLA. The DLC will be available in Japan later this summer.

So why Mercedes? Well apparently it’s because of Nintendo’s collaboration with NCL, according to a spokesperson. “The announcement this time was made by Mercedes-Benz Japan regarding their collaboration in Japan with NCL.” Now the good news is that there is a chance that the Mercedes DLC pack will be making its way outside of Japan, at least according to Nintendo UK who sounded pretty positive that it would.

According to Nintendo UK’s spokesperson, “As for the information relating to the distribution of the GLA kart for MK8 outside Japan, we will be able to announce in the near future.” No word on whether it will be making its way to the US or other parts of the world, especially since this is according to Nintendo UK, but we’re sure many gamers are hoping that it will. In the meantime what do you guys make of it? Is this a kart that you’d like to ride?

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