xbox-one-sellerA couple of days ago, Microsoft announced that they would be removing the Kinect from the Xbox One. This meant that the price of the Xbox One console would be dropped to $399, the same price as its competitor, the PlayStation 4. That being said, it almost sounds as if Microsoft was acknowledging that bundling the Kinect was the wrong move to begin with.

However, speaking to Forbes, Microsoft’s Yusuf Mehdi defended the company’s decision to bundle the Kinect with the Xbox One at the start. According to Mehdi, “I think it was the right call to bundle with Kinect. In the beginning of a new console generation, you’re trying to set the bar for a new experience, and I think we did that with Xbox One.”

Mehdi also adds that the Kinect was well-received and that 80% of Microsoft’s gamers were using the Kinect. “80 per cent of people are using Kinect which is remarkable compared to the last generation. We’re doing 120 voice commands on average a month with over a billion commands issued. People who wanted the experience came and bought it.”

Now with the Kinect being an optional accessory for the Xbox One, Microsoft has also stated that they are planning on exploring the idea of boosting the console’s graphics capabilities by freeing up some processes that was dedicated to the Kinect. Also without the Kinect and with a lower price tag, perhaps the Xbox One will soon be able to catch up to the competition in terms of sales.

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