Last month Microsoft finally closed its $7.17 billion acquisition of Nokia’s devices and services business. It is now its own biggest Windows Phone vendor, since Lumia smartphones account for the lion’s share of Windows Phone devices out in the market. Even though Redmond has a license to use the Nokia brand for ten years following the acquisition there have been rumors that the company might want to rebrand the devices. It may have taken a small step towards that goal by updating the packaging for Lumia smartphones.

It wouldn’t be an unfair assumption to say that Lumia smartphones are synonymous with Windows Phone. Nokia’s popular smartphones have paved the way for Microsoft’s platform. Abruptly switching from the Lumia branding is likely to cause confusion among customers so Microsoft might stretch out this goal till it believes is the right time to introduce a new brand.

Previously Lumia devices used to ship with a blue box, which resembled boxes that Nokia has used in the past for its feature phones. Moreover the entire color scheme was in line with Nokia’s corporate branding. Microsoft recently launched the Lumia 630 smartphone and its shipping them in revamped packaging. Even though the Nokia and Lumia branding is still there, the box is in no way similar to previous Lumia smartphones.

It will certainly be interesting to see how Microsoft slowly tapers off from Nokia and starts introducing its own smartphone brand. There were rumors that it might be called Microsoft Mobile, but apparently that was just a moniker cooked up to streamline the acquisition process. Some believe that Surface Mobile will make sense but Microsoft is yet to make a decision public.

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