surface-pro-3-penSo, are you stoked about the upcoming Surface Pro 3 from Microsoft? Touted to be a ‘laplet’ (a tablet and a laptop, pretty nifty don’t you think so?) by some, the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 will come with its fair share of accessories to boot – including a pen that ought to help increase your productivity by some level. The Surface Pro 3 Pen, as it is (unimaginatively) called, will play nice only with the 12” device and nowhere else, where this accessory is also said to receive a pressure calibration tool in a future update.


Plans for such a tool has already been announced, where it will be included as part of the Control Panel sometime down the road. Microsoft mentioned,”This will allow you to customize the pressure curve and tip feel to get the most subtle and personalized brush strokes.” So far, no specific release date has been set just yet, but it does seem as though sometime this year is a good bet with Microsoft touting that said tool will roll out “in the coming months”.

If you are a long time tablet user by now, would you like to share just which particular accessory is considered to be “essential”, while the rest are just tacky add-ons? [Press Release]

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