mobile-phone-throwing-championshipHave you ever had your blood boil to such an extent while talking to customer service on your smartphone, that you felt as though you want to throw the phone out of frustration, stopping yourself only because you spent more than half a grand on the handset? Well, I suppose you would be a shoo-in for the Mobile Phone Throwing World Championships.

The Mobile Phone Throwing World Championships started off in 2000, when the inaugural event took place in Savonlinna, Finland. The organizer for this event happened to be a local translation company that worked alongside a recycling center that takes care of waste. Ever since the turn of this century, phone throwing competitions have been held in the town annually without fail.

In fact, the idea has caught on in the likes of Belgium, Spain, the Czech Republic, Switzerland, and Liechtenstein, while the UK also kicked off their own event every August since 2005. Those living across the pond can pay a visit to the town of South Hadley, Massachusetts, which has hosted such an event twice. Savonlinna remains the place to be where the World Championships is concerned.

The current record holder is Chris Hughff, who set it in 2012 with a massive throw of 336.9 feet (102.68 meters). I wonder which handset works best with the throw – it must have the perfect combination of weight and aerodynamics alongside grip, and something tells me the Nokia 3310 is in good stead.

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