mk-posterI remember when Street Fighter II was all the rage at the arcades, and this particular game known as Mortal Kombat came out, offering unprecedented (back then) lifelike graphics with plenty of gore as its signature. Well, Street Fighter has since continued to maintain its fan base with new releases, although the same cannot be said for the Mortal Kombat franchise that more or less became more ridiculous as time went by. Well, it seems that Mortal Kombat is about to be revived thanks to a teaser poster that points to a broken spine as depicted in an X-ray, with the question “Who’s Next?”.

NetherRealm’s Ed Boon has also started to drop teasers on his Twitter channel, but there is also a post over on Reddit that in all probability hails from a game retailer that sports a photo of the said poster above. I guess that is more or less a surefire confirmation that Mortal Kombat is about to appear once again in the world of gaming.

We do wonder whether there will be anything new or revolutionary about the upcoming Mortal Kombat game that will be able to entice new gamers as well as bring back old school fans of the franchise to the fold.

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