motorola-spring-bootMotorola has had a decent record when it comes to the various boot animations revealed in recent memory, and today we have yet another boot animation that was introduced in order to help you get back into the groove of spring. This new boot animation has started to appear on its devices from today onward, where it begins with a snowman melting before flowers start to bloom from it top hat, followed by a bird that hatches from a white egg.

This bird will then take off before it morphs into the shape of the Motorola “M” logo. This particularly new Moto X and Moto G boot animation might not be as exciting as a system software update that will see the user experience improve, but it definitely is one of the nicer touches that their customers would appreciate. After all, it is not too often that one would turn off and on one’s handset these days, so when that happens, it can be a pleasant distraction as the boot animation captures your attention.

What are some of the best and most memorable boot animations that you have thought up of in the past? I like the classic handshake found on Nokia devices.

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