nDreams, a leader in content for PlayStation Home, has stepped forward to reveal a very quick teaser on what they have in store for the Sony PS4’s Project Morpheus and the Oculus Rift, and more will be revealed at E3. This game intends for gamers to step into the virtual reality game and be thoroughly enthralled by it, and we would love to get a hands-on experience with it, too.

What you happen to watch in the video above has been said to be an extremely brief segment of the trailer for the first PS4 Morpheus and PC Oculus Rift title, where both the trailer as well as game demonstration will happen at E3 2014 that is set to kick off on June 10th next month. So far, do you like what you have seen, and do you think that there is plenty of potential for Oculus Rift as well as Project Morpheus to work together and usher in an entirely new gaming era?

Exciting times are ahead, but hopefully we will be able to see the wonders of miniaturization make its way to the wearable gaming tech market in the years to come so that gamers need not look so bulky when geared up.

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