One of the most popular on-demand video streaming services out there is Netflix. Boasting millions of subscribers, the company has also actively invested in creating original content. Even though its not one to shy away from dumping millions into original content, the company doesn’t seem to have any plans of jumping into hardware in the near future. CEO Reed Hastings has confirmed that for now there are no plans to develop a standalone Netflix streaming device.

Some might have argued that Netflix should certainly make a standalone device, particularly after Amazon debuted the Fire TV. That $99 set-top box puts Prime front and center. But one must consider that Amazon has been in the hardware game for a long time, starting with e-readers and venturing into the tablet market.

Hastings makes a good case for not developing hardware. When asked about the possibility at the Re/code technology conference today he said that there’s no value for Netflix to develop a device since its already compatible with “over 1,000 devices now.”

Another area that Netflix has kept itself out of is live sports. Understandably so, its very expensive to license rights for major sporting events and certainly difficult to deliver live tv through a streaming service to millions of subscribers. Hastings said that “live in general isn’t a big area for us,” though does say that “it’s just the beginning,” so it may not be entirely out of the question.

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