New iPhone 6 Dummy Units Sighted

iphone-6-silver-mockup1 Yesterday thanks to a leaked photo, yet another dummy unit of the iPhone 6 surfaced. This time this unit featured a curved display which seems to be in line with an earlier rumor, and it was also leaked by a source who has in the past been pretty spot on with their leaks and rumors. That being said, French website have also recently managed to get their hands on additional photos.

These photos are supposedly taken by a China-based smartphone case retailer, Inner Exile, and they show off yet another dummy unit. This particular dummy unit comes in a silver finish and so far it seems to resemble what we have been seeing lately. We can’t be sure if Inner Exile is basing the design on the leaked schematics, or if this is based on something else that they have heard.

iphone-6-silver-mockup2The photos show the phone sporting a design that we’ve all gotten pretty familiar with. It also features the redesigned volume buttons and the repositioned sleep/wake button which has been shifted from the top right to the right side of the device, presumably because it would make it easier to press given the phone’s large size.

It’s a bit hard to tell from these photos if the curve display is present, although we do see a hint of a bezel from the side view, but then again it could be the light playing tricks on our eyes. In any case as with all rumors, take it with a grain of salt. Considering that the usual Apple insiders have not spoken up to deny these designs, there is a chance that what we are looking at could be the actual design.

However we should approach it with some skepticism, lest we get disappointed upon its official release. Previous rumors have suggested an earlier launch in August, but check back with us at a later date for any additional details.

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