Our belief has been reinforced in the fact that 3D printers don’t necessarily have to be expensive. Startups have offered cheap solutions and some have even successfully raised money for production through crowdfunding. Look no further than the Micro 3D printer. The team asked for $50,000 and smashed that goal in just 11 minutes. It reached $2 million in three days and as of now as received over $3.4 million in pledges.¬†Yet another affordable 3D printer maker is now seeking funds online, going for just $249.

The New Matter Mod-t 3D printer uses a 2-axis motion system that supports the build plate with few components and moves simultaneously to print more consistently. This setup makes the printer cheaper and thus end up costing less than most 3D printers out there.

The startup behind this device is also working with design company frog to create tools and applications that will improve the 3D printer experience for users. A storefront for designers will also be developed to allow them to sell their creations.

In order to start production the team is looking to raise $375,000. Its Indiegogo campaign has only been live for less than a day and already it has raised half that amount, something tells me they should be able to raise the full amount.

The first 500 customers were allowed to pledge just $149 to become eligible for one unit unfortunately that perk has now sold out. Least that can be pledged for a unit now is the standard $249 price. Delivery is expected in April 2015.

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