nintendo nfpWhile games like Skylanders and Disney Infinity might seem novel, these are franchises that are doing extremely well for themselves, and it is also a market in which Nintendo plans on tapping into. During an investor Q&A session today, the Japanese company revealed their plans to introduce such toys/games in the future.

Dubbed NFP, or Nintendo Figure Platform, it would essentially be similar to what Activision’s Skylanders and Disney Infinity offers, except that it will feature Nintendo figurines instead. For those unfamiliar with said titles, it’s basically where real life toys are used to interact with the video game itself.

This adds a new type of gameplay to the mix and it also acts as a toy so even if the console was occupied with something else or another game, children will still have the toys that they can play with. We suppose in some way it could also be viewed as collectibles, and given how popular some of Nintendo’s franchises are, we’re sure that there are gamers out there who would love to their hands on these figurines.

NFP is also expected to compatible with Nintendo’s video game consoles, like the Wii U and the 3DS, with the latter possibly requiring a wireless adapter of sorts. Unfortunately additional details about NFP was not revealed, but these details are expected to be announced at E3 so do check back with us then to find out more. In the meantime what do you guys think? Does NFP sound like a possible way to help Nintendo bounce back?

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