If we were to study the lessons of the past, it would make it a whole lot easier for us to learn and apply what we have learned in the future. Nokia has certainly had a colorful past when it comes to the world of mobile phones, leading up to the bevy of Windows Phone-powered handsets that we have come to know and love today. Well, Nokia wants to share its past with you by showing how the now legendary Nokia 3310 handset is used to be the catalyst in setting off a Rube Goldberg contraption.

Needless to say, the entire “journey” that you can view in the video above does see one go through the entire evolution of technology that culminates in a Lumia 920 Windows Phone that rides on a wagon to finish off the video with a bang, where there is the short sentence “everything just became a lot more colorful.” that reminds us of how far Nokia has come.

I suppose the entire symbolism behind the Rube Goldberg machine is not a sense of nostalgia, but rather, to show the world that the acquisition by Microsoft would not mean that even a single cog is out of place, everything would work in tandem “perfectly.” So that’s what the Vine teaser was all about a few days ago.

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