Nokia can be said to have risen from the proverbial ashes, so to speak, especially when you consider how the company has actually managed to overcome its fall from grace with the advent of the iPhone, and sticking to their guns with the Windows Phone platform when all else seems lost, and actually managing to overtake BlackBerry along the way in most markets to become manufacturer of smartphones with the third most popular mobile operating system running on them. Over the years, Nokia has rolled out some pretty interesting handsets, among them classics like the Nokia 3310. Well, it seems that Nokia has taken to Vine, as you can see above, to tease the masses with rumblings of a Nokia-themed Rube Goldberg machine.

In the Vine teaser, Nokia did mention that something “epic” and “#Morecolorful” is about to head our way, and it remains to be seen as to what would be revealed at the end of the totally uncalled for, albeit complicated yet interesting contraption. Do bear in mind that this is the Microsoft Nokia amalgamation that we are talking about, also better known as Microsoft Mobile if you want to be more specific, instead of the maps and networking-focussed Nokia.

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