paypal-bitcoinWhen it comes to paying for stuff online, there are many options that you could get around doing so. For starters, credit cards always do come in handy, but another avenue would be to make use of a Paypal account. It does seem as though Paypal might eventually feature the Bitcoin currency option, as hinted by the CEO of eBay, John Donahoe.

Paypal is a subsidiary company of eBay, where at the eBay shareholder meeting last week, Donahoe went on about how virtual currencies are “exciting and emerging” as shareholders searched for new ways to extend the services that are currently offered by the eBay group.

eBay did support the ability for folks to purchase and sell Bitcoin using eBay legitimately, and Donahoe sees Bitcoin as well as other similar digital currencies as “game-changers”, touting that “Bitcoin is definitely on our radar”. There is one question that needs to be asked, however, and it would be whether the inclusion of Bitcoin support within the PayPal ecosystem might eventually turn out to be a positive addition across the long run. Do you think that Bitcoin has a future in the likes of Paypal and eBay, considering how the Mt. Gox Bitcoin exchange collapsed recently?

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