pocketbook-ultra-cameraEarlier last month, we did talk about how the yet to be released or announced Pocketbook Ultra would feature an integrated camera as well as built-in OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software, which would be unprecedented for a device of its class. Talk of such features appeared after it was spotted on German retail websites, although it does seem to have missed the expected end of April release date which leaves us wondering whether the inclusion of a camera and OCR ability in the Pocketbook Ultra was just rumor. Well, a slew of new screenshots have been revealed that point to the Pocketbook Ultra, adding more credence to the claims of both camera and OCR ability.

One of the screenshots have been shown above right, and although the language might be foreign (Russian, just like the link at the end of the story), this does not mean that the screenshots do not come from a different tablet other than that of the Pocketbook Ultra. So far, whispers do point the Pocketbook Ultra to being a 6″ e-reader with a Carta E-ink screen and a rear facing camera and OCR capabilities.

The leaked screenshots are in grayscale, which is not surprising at all since this is what we would have expected from a regular e-book reader with an E-ink screen, and the word “KAMEPA” does appear, which can be phonetically translated to camera, if you will. I guess all that we need to do now is to be patient, right?

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