As we all know Netflix is one of the most widely used online video streaming services. Its popularity is in part due to the large library of content that it offers, including all past seasons of popular shows. Netflix certainly pushed forward the “binge watching” cause but today subscribers are having issues trying to binge on their favorite shows. It appears that some of them have disappeared off of Watch Instantly.

As one can expect, all hell did break loose on Twitter. Countless Netflix subscribers have taken to the microblogging service to express their displeasure over this. Looks like some of the shows that are not available for streaming include hits like How I Met Your Mother, Suits, House, Dexter and a lot more.

Though Netflix was quick to point out, also through Twitter, that it hasn’t removed the shows on purpose. It acknowledges that users are having issues accessing certain content and that its engineers are working to resolve the issue. Almost 40 minutes have past since this update and so of this writing there have been no further updates from the company’s official account.

Patience will certainly get you a long way. While I feel for you if your binge watching session was rudely interrupted, there’s nothing Netflix subscribers can do right now except wait.

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