htc-m8-aceThere were whispers of the HTC M8 Ace sporting a plastic unibody when the smartphone is finally released, but there has been no purported images of the handset until now. What you see above could possibly be a semblance or foreshadow of the HTC M8 Ace that has been teased in China via Weibo – the country’s self-styled version of Twitter as we know it.

The first rumor of the HTC M8 Ace started to swirl last month, where it is touted to arrive at a price point that would be extremely easy on your pockets, albeit sporting a plastic setup. The whole idea of the HTC M8 Ace would be to place its crosshairs in the direction of the Samsung Galaxy S5, which also happens to have a plastic body, which means that HTC would have to do their part to make sure that the HTC M8 Ace will be able to keep up to the Galaxy S5’s pace in terms of build quality as well as hardware specifications, while doing their darndest best to ensure that the price point remains low enough to be accessible to the masses.

It does sound like a, er, sound idea, on paper, although as to whether it will be able to be executed well or not remains to be seen as only time will be able to tell. Another thing is, we will have to sit tight and wait to see whether the HTC M8 Ace is going to end up as the real deal or not eventually.

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