Earlier this year, we did talk about how up to 87% of tablet and smartphone users do shop using their devices, and here we are with word of yet another avenue where you are able to make a purchase online before picking up the item at a brick and mortar store. I am referring to purchasing a device or an accessory online from att.com, and when you are good and ready to bring home the device, just drop by an AT&T store. Of course, it would make perfect sense to set an appointment beforehand via http://www.att.com/storeappointment in order to receive Priority Service.

Shopping online does seem to be the way where the future is headed, and sometimes, one would also need hands-on, expert help. Thankfully, the folks over at AT&T do not leave you high and dry, since they are merging online convenience with a hands-on, store experience. No longer do you need to wait for a device to ship to your doorstep, and neither do you need to go from one store to another just to see whether there is adequate amount of stock beforehand. Make your purchase in peace, knowing that the end product is already ready and waiting for you. [Press Release]

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