roombotsHave you watched X-Men: Days of Future Past in the cinemas already? It is definitely worth checking out, especially the way the sentinels work and function. Well, I suppose it is somewhat similar to the scene in Transformers: Age of Extinction trailer, where Stanley Tucci’s character proclaimed that the Transformer’s techno-organic material is one of science’s most important discoveries. Well, what if tiny robotic modules around your home would work in a similar manner? This is what the Roombots are all about.


The Roombots happen to be the brainchild of Swiss researchers who intend to develop reconfigurable robotic modules which will be able to connect with one another, enabling them to form just about any kind or type of furniture, and even change their shape as and when required. For instance, once you’re done eating on the dining table, have it “transform” into a coffee table for use in the living room.

These self-assembling Roombots happen to band together in order to form static furniture, where they are attached to one another using various connectors that allows them to take on the desired form factor. The ultimate goal? To create self-assembling interactive furniture which is capable of being used in various ways.

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