sabertronWhen you give a couple of young boys two sticks, there is a very high chance that they will take such an opportunity to get involved in a little sword fight, and perhaps re-enact scenes from Star Wars of the classic lightsaber battles (which their imagination might not necessarily end up following the script). Here is one way of making sure that your sword fighting moments, even for adults, will have that added “zing” to it – with the Sabertron.

The Sabertron throws out make-believe and pretend sticks and cardboard tubes, and will instead let you duel with one another while the Sabertron keeps track of the score. Yes sir, there is a scoring system built into the Sabertron, now how about that? In order to know just how much “health” you have left (as well as that of your opponent), there will be a series of LED strips that have been integrated into the front and back of the handle.

A sword-to-sword hit would cancel each other out, but if you hit the body of an opponent, your opponent would be “wounded”. There will be five different kinds of gameplay, ranging from “One Hit to Win It”, “Countdown” that requires three hits to win, “Metered Damage” that will deliver more damage the stronger the blow, “Eternal Struggle” which is similar to Countdown, except that your health recovers with the passage of time, or through the blocking of several blows, and “Hopeless” which is the same as that of Eternal Struggle, apart from receiving less damage the lower your health gets. It has halfway more to go in order to achieve its Kickstarter goal.

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