There is no shortage of people who criticize Samsung for loading too much bloatware on its devices. This is why many users opt to root their devices and install a ROM based on stock Android which doesn’t come with any bloatware. Recent reports suggest that Samsung wants to dial it down a notch and a statement from its marketing manager for technical media certainly points towards an upcoming change. Philip Berne, the manager in question, has said that “Samsung Hub is going away.”

Samsung Hub is essentially a one-stop shop for digital content like books, apps, videos and music. Obviously its a service that competes with Google Play Store and this is likely to make the Mountain View company a bit uneasy.

It was reported after Samsung unveiled Galaxy Note Pro and Galaxy Tab Pro tablets that Google held talks with the company and told it to limit the modifications it makes to the OS. The two tablets run Android but Samsung’s new Magazine UX make it seem a lot like Windows 8.

Last month a survey revealed that majority of the people who own Samsung devices rarely use the bloatware they come pre-installed with. This would certainly compel Samsung to rethink changes it makes to the OS and the stuff it puts on there.

While Berne doesn’t reveal when exactly Hub will be killed, it may only be a matter of time. Samsung’s latest flagship, the Galaxy S5, doesn’t even come with Hub installed.

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