samsung logoIt seems that Samsung is not content with creating hardware, but they are also interested in entering into the services market as well. The South Korean tech giant announced a music streaming service of their own called Milk Music earlier this month, but it looks like music will not be enough for them. They have also recently announced (via GigaOm) a video streaming service of their own which they are calling Project Glued.

Project Glued will be a video streaming service that Samsung will be rolling out in Asia. It is unclear if Project Glued will make its way to other parts of the world, like the US or the UK, but given that the project was announced by Samsung’s Media Solutions Center in Southeast Asia, there is a good chance it might not. Then again with so much competition in the US and UK, perhaps Samsung would be better off focusing on the Asian market.

The new service by Samsung was announced today in an event held in Singapore. It will see Samsung charge viewers $6.50 to rent an entire season of a television series for 30-days. According to Samsung, the service will include TV shows from the US and the UK, with video quality available in HD. The videos can be both streamed and downloaded, depending on your preference.

Project Glued will kick off in Singapore and the Philippines where users can download an app in order to access the content. The content is also expected to make its way onto the web as well as Samsung’s televisions, although that will be happening at a later date. It’s an interesting move by Samsung and we have to wonder how it will fare against the likes of other video services, such as Apple TV, which is available in Asian countries as well.

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