Samsung and Apple’s legal battles are notorious for dragging on. Both companies only recently got done with their first patent trial that started a few years back. In March they were at it again, the start of a new patent trial in which Apple claims its arch nemesis infringed on five of its patents. Cupertino seeked up to $2.2 billion in damages but the jury while finding Samsung guilty only awarded $120 million. Samsung now has every intention of appealing the verdict.

In a statement John Quinn, one of Samsung’s lawyers, has said that the company will ask the trial judge and an appeals court to slash the damage award to zero. Quinn says that while the company is pleased that Apple only got six percent of what it was asking for, “even that can’t stand, because Apple kept out all the real world evidence.” Another one of its lawyers termed the verdict “unsupported by evidence.”

Jurors also found that Apple infringed on one of two patents that Samsung based a countersuit on. Thus the Korean juggernaut was awarded $158,000 in damages. Samsung was found to have infringed on three of Apple’s five patents but the jury didn’t give Cupertino a fraction of what it wanted.

The verdicts set the stage for either company to see a judge’s order to ban sales in the U.S. of devices that infringe on these patents. So far that hasn’t happened yet. With Samsung all set for an appeal, this second trial is certainly not winding up anytime soon.

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