ww9000Are washing machines supposed to be smart? I would like to think so, at least to a certain extent considering how there is all sorts of new technology over the years such as fuzzy logic and the like in home appliances. The Samsung WW9000 washing machine is the latest home appliance from the South Korean conglomerate to hit the deck, and it will drop the various knobs on a normal washing machine console in favor of a touchscreen display, as evident in the image above.


Coming with a gorgeous 5-inch color full touchscreen display, you also have the option to skip using the touchscreen – ever, if you do not like to do so. The Samsung WW9000 will boast of Smart Control, which would make it possible to remotely control and monitor the machine via your smartphone alone, allowing you to start or pause a cycle, or perhaps choose to receive notifications on the remaining cycle-time and when the wash happens to be complete.

Not only that, with the ‘Auto Optimal Wash,’ setting, a quartet of sensing technologies underneath the hood will be able to gather information concerning the load: size, degree of dirt and soiling, amount of water and detergent required, before making up its mind on the best wash cycle, temperature, time, rinse cycle and spin speed. Auto Dispense works in your favor as well, releasing the right amount of detergent and softener into the washing machine. [Press Release]

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