mm-dronesWe have seen some pretty interesting use of drones in the past, ranging from delivering pizzas to entertaining people alongside dancers on a stage. Well, this time around, it seems that nature has once again functioned as the inspiration for a scientific development, as a number of research teams have looked to animals and nature’s design in working on the next generation of drones. One particular group that hails from Harvard has been working on a millimeter-sized drone which is able to explore small and cramped, which are normally difficult to access.

This particular millimeter-sized drone was inspired by flies as well as other kinds of wings insects, as they are able to hover in the air for a prolonged period. Apart from that, this particular research group has the faith that such tiny drones could be used across a wide range of situations, including having a better understanding of the insect population as well as pollinating plants.

Something tells me that the military, too, would like to get hold of such drones. A tiny drone which is no larger than your average insect could come in handy in surveillance and espionage missions, don’t you think so? It can snoop around undetected, recording what is being said and done, before returning to base. Hopefully birds of prey would not mistake such drones as their next snack.

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