Sony today confirmed that SingStar for PlayStation 4 is going to be released later this year. Today marks the tenth anniversary of SingStar and over 26 million copies have been sold throughout its lifetime. The company promises that some very big changes will make their way to the title this year when it launches for the next generation console.

SingStar is a competitive music video game series for Sony’s PlayStation consoles, as previously mentioned, it has been around for a decade. Several installments of the game were released for the PlayStation 2 as well as the PlayStation 3. Players have to sing along with music in order to score points.

Previously the title used to come with a standalone mic that was plugged into the console. SingStar for PlayStation 4 will certainly bring its biggest change as it will be launched with a free mobile application. The app will turn players smartphones into a mic so they won’t need to keep track of a big, clunky mic. The app will be compatible with the PS3 as well and will also let users create their own playlists.

Sony is working hard to make the social experience of SingStar better, it will allow players to share their best bits from within the game directly to Twitter and Facebook. The scoring system will be improved as well. Players will be rewarded for game activity and will be able to challenge their friends online. The company says it will share more details over the coming months. It doesn’t hint exactly when we can expect a release.

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