Sir Paul McCartney was spotted jamming out on a guitar alongside a Japanese robot in his latest LP that is known as New. Macca, another name by which Sir Paul McCartney is known, decided to have Newman the Robot play a role in the video for “Appreciate”. Here is a quick rundown on what the video is about – it tickles our imagination and brings us to a time where you would find humans in museums, and McCartney happens to be one of them.

With the power of music (some might call it magic instead), Newman the Robot would be able to enjoy the chance to spend a day with the Beatles legend. This particular music video above was released in order to match with McCartney’s leg of Japanese tour dates.

Do you think that we will see more and more of these kinds of music videos being shot some time down the road? After all, to have both robots and mankind live in harmony has been one of the dreams of pro-robot folks, but until we have a society where robots are as pervasive as the one seen in I, Robot, such a future will never happen as more will need to be done – a whole lot more. Instead, just enjoy the music video above.

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