Skype logoJust like how we celebrate birthdays in life alongside other memories in the form of anniversaries, so too, do apps take the same approach – especially the more popular ones. I am referring to the likes of WhatsApp that has recently achieved half a billion active users. An older player in the VoIP market (and to a certain extent, instant messaging), Skype, has recently crossed the 2,000,000th registered user mark where its community is concerned.

This would mean that two million people from around the world have have joined the rest of the Skype community in order to trade questions and hopefully, gain answers along the way, apart from sharing about their experiences as well as basically talking about Skype.

Skype’s community blog shared, “We’re already shaping the future of Skype and we have no intention of stopping any time soon.” This does sound as though exciting times are ahead, and at this point in time, idea boards that remain open allow one to contribute ideas for the future of Skype for Windows desktop and Skype for Windows Phone. Such information will be reviewed and shared in the development process for future releases, which will hopefully be included in future Skype updates. [Press Release]

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