Sleep_Number_x12_bed_630_wideEarlier this year at CES 2014, a company called Sleep Number introduced what they were calling smart beds. Basically these beds came with sensors that would be able to register all sorts of information about the sleeper, thus allowing the user to monitor their own vitals and determine if they are getting a good night’s rest.

Unfortunately such technology comes at a price, with Sleep Number pricing their X12 model at a whopping $6,000. Now if you are unwilling to drop that amount of cash for a smart bed, Sleep Number has recently announced a more entry-level model that will come in at a much more affordable $1,000. It might still be a bit more expensive than your regular mattress, but if you’re looking to shake things up a bit, perhaps it could be a good investment.

The SleepIQ software that is bundled inside each mattress will be able to register movement on the bed, like when you’re tossing and turning, breathing, your heart rate, and more at around 500 times a second, which should make for some pretty interesting and precise data. The information collected will then be shared across your smartphones, tablets, or computers, depending on you.

We should note that there are apps out there that uses your smartphone to help determine if you are getting a good night’s sleep by measuring how often you move in your sleep. This is a much cheaper option, although might not be as precise or detailed as Sleep Number’s mattresses, but if $1,000 is still too expensive for your liking, perhaps such apps could be a worthy alternative.

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