showGiven the small sizes of our mobile phones, editing movies on it might not be ideal, since it doesn’t given us a lot of room to work with. However if you have to absolutely edit videos on the go, Slidely has recently launched an app called Show. What the app does is that it provides an iMovie-like editing experience on mobile devices.

By using photos and videos pulled from your device and various social networking platforms, it will allow users to put together a video in relatively short amount of time. Slidely claims that with Show, they have managed to balance creativity and automation, so instead of just putting everything together and letting the app figure it out, users will still be able to retain some form of control over their creation.

The app will also allow users to add slow/fast motion effects, offer up high definition quality, and there’s even a news feed of its own that allows users to browse movies that other people have made and shared from the app. The completed videos can also be shared onto popular social networking platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, or be sent as email, SMS, or WhatsApp messages.

According to Tom More, Slidely’s CEO and founder, “Now with SHOW, user videos, photos and music quickly and easily become a personal movie. The user is always in control of the experience, building the movie they want.  Not what the technology says they want.  No other app does that.” The app is free for download so head on over to the iTunes App Store to check it out.

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