Ask any smoker and they’ll all tell you the same thing, its not easy to quit. Some try by stopping cold turkey, others gradually decrease their daily take. Some even turn to nicotine patches and chewing gums, anything that might help them kick the habit. In this modern age of technology shouldn’t there be something “smart” that helps you in your mission to quit? There is now. Quitbit is the first smart lighter that just might make you give up the habit.

The lighter lets you track your smoking, limit when it lights, set custom reduction plans and even build new behaviors. There’s a display on the lighter itself which shows details about smoking habits such as amount of cigarettes smoked, time since last one etc.

Inside there’s a heating element similar to car lighters which lights up. Its intelligent enough to count only when cigarettes are smoked, mindlessly flicking the lighter won’t make the count go up.

The lighter can connect to a smartphone using Bluetooth LE. There’s an app which can be used to set custom reduction targets and can even show how much money has been saved by cutting back. You can also set the lighter to automatically disable once the daily target has been reached.

If you’re interested in picking one up you’ll have to wait a bit. The startup behind this lighter is seeking funds through Kickstarter. The lowest you can pledge right now to get a Quitbit lighter by December 2014 is $69.

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