We recently took a look at Zepp. The company’s multi-sport sensor can be attached to a tennis racket and it beams all sorts of information about the swing to a companion tennis app. Its great for players and coaches to evaluate the performance. Now there’s an even better way. Smash is a responsive coaching wearable device for tennis that’s worn on the wrist. Combined with the app it provides users with easy access to technique analysts and personalized recommendations.

Smash has been developed with everyone in mind. So whether you’re just hitting around with friends, playing matches, practising drills or coaching your way to the top, the wearable device aims to provide you with insights and tips to keep your swing and technique on the right track.

Once you finish a game the app will provide an overview which includes an consistency score for each score as well as for the entire game. It even highlights parts of the game you need to focus more on. The app provides a breakdown of all strokes and tracks progress over time.

The wearable wrist band can measure racket head speed and momentum, amount of spin, number and type of shots, wrist rotation, stroke trajectory, technique consistency and impact point consistency. Its good for 6-8 hours of playtime, weighs less than 15g and has a LED for status and notifications.

The startup behind Smash is seeking to raise funds through crowdfunding website Kickstarter. It wants to raise $200,000 and with 43 days left in the campaign it might be able to do so. Early bird backers can pledge $129 to get one Smash wristband. That’s a $70 discount over the standard $199 price. Delivery is expected in February 2015.

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