metal slug defenseWe’re sure many gamers have played the Metal Slug title before, whether it be on the console, in the arcade, or might have even downloaded it onto their computers via Steam. Regardless of where you’ve played it, many would agree that the game can be considered a classic. That being said, SNK Playmore has decided to revisit the game and give it a little twist by turning it into a tower defense game called Metal Slug Defense.

Yup so instead of the fast paced action shooter game that you’ve come to know and love, the game is now a tower defense and the good news is that the game is free. There are in-app purchases which are medals that can be bought and used in the game and those will $0.99 each, but other than that the game is free and we reckon you should be able to enjoy the game without having to resort of the in-app purchases.

The idea here is that instead of you controlling your own character, you will instead be in charge of a group of characters and send them against the enemy, all the while making sure that your own defenses aren’t penetrated. It isn’t your typical tower defense game where you actually build towers, but it is somewhat strategic and it’s up to you how you manage your troops in order to win.

There will also be a multiplayer mode that lets you fight against friends over WiFi, although this unlocks after playing through the tutorial mode. The game is available on iOS and Android devices so if you loved the Metal Slug franchise and its retro graphics, perhaps Metal Slug Defense might be a game worth checking out.

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