spacex-dragon2There is nothing quite like progress in the right direction to indicate that things are working out all right, is there? Having said that, the new Dragon V2 spaceship from SpaceX is a sight to behold, especially when you take into consideration how its predecessor was tested out a couple of years back. How things have changed, where the SpaceX Dragon V2 is able to transport up to seven astronauts to orbit before making a safe return to earth.

In fact, the engineering details that have gone into the construction and working of the SpaceX Dragon V2 is mind boggling, so much so that the Dragon V2 is able to perform a soft-landing on earth with the accuracy of an helicopter while relying on retrorockets and retractile legs. Solar panels which provide the required amount of electricity and juice to the ride’s electrical systems are located on the skin of the trunk. As for the trunk itself, it remains to be seen what kind of cargo will it carry.

According to entrepreneur Elon Musk, the Dragon V2 is able to be refueled and launched yet again without any delay, although I would like to think that for the psychological welfare of the passengers, they would prefer some engineers to mill about the Dragon V2 to perform some checks on the spacecraft before giving the green light to make yet another trip to space – and back.

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