Spotify is a popular on-demand music streaming service that’s available for a variety of platforms. The service can be accessed on the web as well as on most mobile platforms. Even though Chromecast, the $35 HDMI dongle that Google released late last year, is based on a modified version of Android there’s no official Spotify app for it as yet. However its possible to enjoy your music on the big screen thanks to an unofficial port called Spoticast.

Bear in mind though that this isn’t the only way to beam Spotify to a Chromecast dongle. Is its possible to cast Chrome browser tabs, one can simply open up Spotify on their PC or mobile device and cast the tab to the big screen.

Nevertheless, there’s Spoticast for all those who’d rather have some semblance of a proper user experience. To use the app on Chromecast users will need to have a premium account of the music streaming service and have “Device Broadcast Status” set to enable in the app. The app will integrates with the screen so users will see album art and progress bar on the TV itself in high quality.

Since this unofficial port is an early release there are a few bugs that will be squashed over time. Spoticast is available as a free download, the file and install instructions are available here.

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