wbc-tricycleThe Segway is not exactly a runaway success, but it has been used in various countries around the world to help the less mobile get around, although certain countries do find it rather difficult to accommodate this personal mobility device. Katayama Kogyo Co Ltd, a Japan-based auto parts manufacturer did announce that they have come up with an electric-powered stand-up tricycle, where the rider stands on it like a Segway, although it will have a tricycle form factor as its chassis.


Orders for the stand-up tricycle will begin from July later this year onward, where it will retail for ¥290,000 thereabouts, which will be approximately $2,835 after conversion at prevailing exchange rates. Katayama Kogyo has defined the tricycle as a “Walking Bicycle,” making it a new kind of vehicle that will be very different from that of automobiles, motorbikes and current electric-powered bicycles. As you step on the tricycle’s pedals alternately, it will move forward with its electric assist system helping it move along. The Road Traffic Law of Japan’s National Police Agency has classified this to be an “ordinary bicycle”, which means it is safe for use on public roads, at least in the land of the Rising Sun.

Do you think that this particular personal mobility device will be able to catch on eventually, even outside of Japan?

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