I am rather confident that a fair number of movie fans out there simply cannot wait to see what director J. J. Abrams has in store for Star Wars Episode VII, and he might have just whet your appetite a little bit with this particular set video above. In this video, Abrams talked about the creation of Star Wars: Force for Change, which so happens to be a spanking new Star Wars initiative from both Disney and Lucasfilm. The two entities have worked alongside Bad Robot in an effort to discover a working solution for some of the largest problems that plague the world today, as the Star Wars: Force for Change campaign intends to raise funds and awareness for UNICEF’s Innovation Labs as well as its range of innovative projects that will ultimately benefit children around the world who are in need.


Apart from that, while Abrams was doing his talking, there was a puppet that actually strolled by behind Abrams, pausing for a while to turn towards the camera before returning to its dreary labor. Hooray! This means that what we saw was not some sort of CGI image, but an actual, real life puppet that looks absolutely stunning.

The puppet in question did seem to be involved in some rather backbreaking work, carrying around quite a heavy load. Perhaps UNICEF might want to expand their reach to ensure that our intergalactic friends too, will not end up overworked, underpaid and undernourished. Unfortunately, there was not a single peep from the rest of the cast.

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