steam-streamingIf you thought that Steam has been the bees’ knees all this while, having garnered more than 75 million active users (as of January this year, despite the hiccups) – with that number set to growth even more of course, here is some news that might make you fall even deeper in love with Steam. Apparently, thanks to the international release of In-Home Streaming, one is able to remotely install and play games on a second computer as though you were sitting at your first computer, now how about that? If it sounds Greek to you, check out a more detailed explanation right after the jump to clear whatever doubts that you have.

When you log in to Steam on two different computers albeit being on the same network, the machines will be able to recognize each other automatically, and will hook up directly. This means you end up in the scenario mentioned above, being able to install and play games on another computer remotely, just as though you were sitting right there and then on your primary gaming machine.

This would help you save costs on computer upgrades, especially when you have more than a single gaming machine in your home. Heck, this particular set up will even work should the other computer run on a different operating system compared to the first, such as Mac OS X, Linux or even Steam OS.

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