Just the other day we reported that mobile phone related injuries in Japan is on the rise. This does not mean texting/talking while driving, but rather text/talking while walking. This has resulted in accidents where people bump into others and knocking them down, serious injury, and in some cases even death where a man stepped onto the train tracks because he was not paying attention.

Perhaps looking to curb the amount of injuries, Taiwan’s legislators have recently proposed a law in which it will fine those who cross the street while being distracted by their smartphones. We can see why they would do this – imagine crossing the road without checking for cars simply because you were too engrossed in your mobile device. This not only proves to be a danger to pedestrians, but also to drivers who might have to jam on their brakes.

This has happened before in Taiwan where a young woman was killed after being hit by a taxi while crossing the street. Such a law is not new as it has been proposed in New Jersey before (although it failed to pass). However the proposed fines seem to be a bit on the low side and only suggests fining transgressors a measly $10, which is hardly a deterrent.

According to legislators, they will attempt to define a “distracted pedestrian” as someone who has their head down while looking at a screen, either for texting, gaming, or web surfing. What do you guys think? Will such a law pass, and more importantly, will people take it seriously?

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